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how to achieve rapid color change in bottle cap production?
Sep 15, 2018

How to achieve rapid color change in bottle cap production?

Compared with the traditional injection molding process, compression molding process is characterized by stable process, good quality uniformity, perfect product appearance and low energy consumption.

In fact, the compression molding process has a very big advantage that is often ignored by everyone, that is, the compression molding process of bottle caps in the process of changing colors is much simpler and faster than the injection molding process.

Jeepine is going to talk to you,

Comparison of color change between compression molding process and injection molding process and how to achieve fast color change.

Each bottle cap factory needs to produce bottle caps of different colors according to different demands of customers. Therefore, we have to face the problem of time cost, material cost and labor cost of color change.

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In the traditional injection molding industry, change color has always been a headache in the industry, most of the injection mould is to use the needle point hot runner, the die is not only expensive, but hot runner complex internal structure, the molten plastic is easy to adhesion in internal corner and side wall place, turn color want to sort out the internal residual color is very difficult, often requires a lot of time and materials to do waste cover, turn color cost is very high.

It may be suggested that recycling materials should be used to clean the hot runner for the purpose of saving materials. However, we should not forget that recycling materials cannot be 100% clean. Even if there are very small particles, the needle point in the hot runner will be blocked in the gate.

Moulding process for forming process is simple, the plastic melt through the extruder after directly after the nozzle into the mold, there is no complex into the adhesive system, it is for the color conversion of absolute advantage, on the injection molding process of needle point into the gate and its size is about 0.5 mm, slightly careless leads to gate jams, therefore, 95% of the manufacturers can't add a recycle material, the molding process of the size of the nozzle is usually about 10 mm, no congestion, all in the recovery is expected to add overwhelmingly use molding process and advantages.

After comparing the advantages of injection molding and compression molding in color rotation, we further discuss how to give full play to the advantages of the printing machine in color rotation.

Usually, after receiving the order, the production planner needs to have a clear concept in mind, which is to follow the principle of color similarity as far as possible when the delivery date allows. The color should be changed from light to dark, and avoid from light to dark, which brings great convenience to the color transformation. Here is a simple example:

In factory workshop, we will have an area special place different colors of recycled materials, these recycled materials dedicated to turn color applications, in an order, before the end of the recycling material with next order color to get out and placed at the edge of the machine, hopper under observation window, after an order on raw material basic consumption immediately clear when the feeding system and bin, after the completion of the manual to join the next order color recycle material, now need to open the exhaust mouth, waste production machines run continuously turn color cover, after waiting for cap color normal open normal feeding system, the whole mould check cap quality normal after normal production.Through this kind of operation method, compression molding machine can usually achieve color rotation without stopping, very fast and convenient.

Here's a simple flowchart:

After long-term statistical data of bottle cap production, the comparison of injection molding and compression molding costs in color conversion and addition of recycled materials is obtained in the table below. It can be seen from the table that the advantages of compression molding process in color conversion cost are very significant.

In the production industry of bottle caps, the advantages of compression molding technology are more and more valued in the industry, and the traditional injection molding technology is gradually replaced by compression molding.

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