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Industrial Stander Plastic Cover Caps Making Machinedrafted By Jeepine Released Officially
Feb 11, 2018

Industrial stander <Plastic cover caps making machine>drafted by Jeepine released officially


On Jan.25th.2016,the industrial standard of <Plastic cover caps making machine>was drafted and formulated by Jeepine,which was official released by the ministry of Industry and information technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2016.With technology leading to establish the industry leading position,Jeepine will continue the industry development.

The above industry standard officially start on Dec.22th.2010,when China light industry association incorporated the standards.As the first company to draft this industry standard, after receiving the assignment,

Jeepine held the meeting and set up the standard draft group.After multiple demonstrates and examinations,Jeepine finished this industrial draft in Aug.2012. The standard first draft confirm the plastic bottle caps compression molding machine requirement, testing methods,inspect rules, marks,packaging, transportation and store general principle.

From Sep.2012 to Jan.2013,Jeepine proceed the standard public suggestions, and issue 16 exposure drafts, finally there are more than 16 units response letters. The draft group revised standard text according to feedback from all parties and submitted the draft to audit. 

During the standard review stage of Oct.2014, the draft group of plastic caps compression molding machine refined further the standard text according to the letters of review, and submitted the standard submission in Mar.2015.One Jan15th,2016, the ministry of industry and information technology issued by the announcement of the People’s Republic of China ministry and information technology in No.3(2016) documents.The document formally approved the standard<Plastic cover cover caps making machine> drafted by Jeepine(The standard No. Is QB/T4919-2016),and determined the implementation date will be on July1,2016.