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Jeepine After-sales Team Routing Inspection
Feb 11, 2018

A product from birth to service to user, assembled the manufacturer’s heart and effort. A compression moulding machine for caps, from research and development, drawing design, assembly to customer,also with the condensation of the enterprise’s sweat behind. However,for Jeepine staff, the work is not finished yet, because the user experience and after-sales service is a major event that Jeepine is committed to doing well,which is an essential part of the qualified products. See, from Sep.1st,2017,Jeepine after-sales team start the routing inspection all around China.

They set off from Guangzhou city, and this inspection work last for more than half an year. They helped to solve the problems from equipment daily maintenance,technical training, environment arrangement and all kinds of aspects,to offer superior solution. They inquired about equipment situation in bottle caps production from customers. They care about customers experience, even a small matter also be noted down. Till Aug.2017,they had visited more than 80 customers domestic. 

When sharing their minds after this inspection work, Jeepine staff said,”Do and do well are different things.” Exactly they work well with heart by heart and service spirits and put it into pratice.