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Successful high-speed CCM-JP48 show on 2018 Chinaplas
Jun 01, 2018

Chinaplas 2018 @ News Express:

During Apr.24-27th.2018,the grand Plastic&Rubber Show-Chinaplas2018 was held in Shanghai. The exhibition has attracted 3,948 exhibitors from over 40 countries worldwide. In this period, audience amount reaches 180,701 people,which breaks and renews the record in history. 

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cap molding machine

After long term of accumulation and research, Jeepine newest 48-cav high-speed compression molding machine was successfully launch on Chinaplas 2018. 

Introduction @ Jeepine 48cav- cap compression molding machine:

Jeepine 48cav CCM, is an innovative pioneer of high-speed cap Compression molding in China till now. Maximum speed of the water bottle cap machine reaches 80,000pcs/h. 

In technology, 1)the plastic cap mould, adopts innovative cooling design with high efficiency, and realizes short cycle time, high precision and durable.  2)Integrated oil-circuit turntable structure and high speed compression device with low pressure clamping and high pressure forming. 3) New high speed quantitative feeding system; 4)Intelligent control extrusion system.

Learn more about us and machine details: 

compression molding machine

Learn more about us and machine details: 

cap compression molding