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Compression Molding Machine

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Compression Moulding China

Compression Moulding China

Compression Moulding China 1.What is the Technology of HDPE Cap making machine ? Traditional cap injection moulding and Compression moulding. At present, compression moulding is very popular in bottled water/beverage industry worldwide. 2. Market share of HDPE cap making in China bottled...

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Compression Moulding China

1.What is the Technology of HDPE Cap making machine?

Traditional cap injection moulding and Compression moulding. At present, compression moulding is universally used in bottled water/beverage industry.

2. Market share of HDPE cap making in China bottled water/beverage market?

 Compression moulding China > 60%.

   Injection moulding China <40%.

3.Quick View: Cap compression machine(CCM) PK injection machine(IMM).

 Compression Moulding China

Compression Moulding ChinaCompression Moulding China

4. Jeepine assembly workshop


Compression Moulding China

     Compression Moulding ChinaCompression Moulding China

5. FAQ:

 Q1.What is the know-how of Jeepine, compared with the other domestic compression moulding factory?

      A:We are devoted to excellent and high-velocity compression molding China. In which, its                                       compression cap moulds have the strong, progressive and efficient cooling structure innovation.

       Till now, it’s the CCM with top output, among Compression Moulding factory in PRC.

Q2:How to make caps with logo in plastic cap molding?

       A:Logo embossing. For cap compression machine, change a small mould chip of bottom mould.

      Or, add a printing machine after plastic cap molding.

Q3: Can we provide turn-key solution of cap compression molding machine production line?

      A:Yeah. We are experted in compression moulding machine and on-line solution. 

Q4: Is Jeepine OEM or ODM cap moulding factory?

      A:Jeepine provide design of plastic cap molding for customers,and OEM service.


Q5:What are the universal models of HDPE Cap making machine? 

      A:In compression moulding China, 24,36,48cav machine the universal model.

6. 2018 Exhibition News

Apr 24-27th. 2018       Chinaplas in Shanghai 

May 7-11th. 2018        NPE in Orlando,USA.

Jun 5-8th. 2018           Expo Pak, Mexico

Jun 24-27th. 2018       Propak Asia in Bangkok,Thailand.

Oct 23-26th. 2018         China Brew China Beverage in Shanghai.

Oct 24-26th.2018          Drink Tec. Bombay, India.

Oct 31- Nov. 2nd. 2018  Gulfood Manufacturing Expo, Dubai.UAE.

Nov14-17th. 2018         ProPak Indonesia

Hdpe Cap Making Machine

Hdpe Cap Making Machine

7.Workshop environment tips: 

1)Common factory workshop, with moisture proof, mildew proof ability, clean ventilation.

2)Convenient for logistics. 

3)It is suggested that final products should be separated from raw materials and waste materials so as to avoid cross contamination. 

4)Keep workshop in reasonable and clean manners to guarantee healthful products.

8.Jeepine cap compression machine safety device

The machine is surrounded (covered) by protective devices.

They are used to:

l Protect staff;

l Reduce noise;

l Prevent splashing of materials;

Prevent scald.


 The protective devices include the following items:

l The protective doors used in daily operation

(Daily operators are allowed to operate).

They are protected by ‘protective device’ electric controlled safety circuit.

l The protective doors used to do maintenance/repair.

(Setting/maintenance staff are allowed to operate).

The mechanical protection is via unlocking padlocks.

l The protective plate used to do maintenance/repair is under front desk. 

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