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Cap Folding Machine

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FUNCTIONS: Plastic cap folding machine Folding machine with vertical axis to fold tamper evident band. The machine is equipped with: - main motor operated by inverter and speed change - working turret equipped with spindles and supporting tools - inlet and outlet connecting channels Best choice of Plastic bottle cap anti-theft ring folding process. - PLC electric control panel This machine is widely used in beverage, food and pharmaceutical plastic bottle caps to fold the edge of anti-theft rings with the injection machine, ring-cutting machine or dispensing machines. Features:The force to fold the edge of the cap is uniform. The equipment is stable and high-speed. This machine can produce by connecting with other devices and its speed is adjustable. The machine adopts the double cam rotary hemming, being stable and reliable. PLC control system with touch human-machine interface. The cap contact surfaces are made up of stainless steel. Performance Min/Max cap diameter: 25/63 mm Min/Max cap height: 12/40 mm Mean absorbed power: 8kW Mean compressed air consumption 230 Nl/min 1.Introduction of plastic cap folding machine: Cap folding machine is mainly applied to plastic caps with tamper evidence of various bottled water and drinks.This series of cap slitting machine has the advantages of: 1)High capacity. 2)High quality,stable,long service life. 3)Intelligent. 2.Technical Data of cap slitting machine: Power:1.2KW. Voltage&Frequency: 380V,50Hz(Customized) Max capacity:1000-2000pcs/min 3.Application Range: Matched with cap compression molding machine or cap injection moulding machine, cap folding machine is apply to all kinds of plastic bottle caps molding with tamper evident band.
  • Cap Folding Machine

    Cap Folding Machine

    Folding machine is applied to some bottle caps with corrugated bands, like 1881,1810,38mm drink caps. After cap compression,folding edges of bottle caps are upwards,but in capping they should be inwards.Thus, cap folding machine make caps satisfy the requirement in capping....Read More
As one of the most professional cap folding machine manufacturers in China, Jeepine Intelligent also supports customized service. Welcome to import high quality cap folding machine from our factory here. For details, contact us now.