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Cap Making Machine

1. Product name: cap making machine 2.Product specification: 3.Feature: A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency C.Low...

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Plastic Cap Making Machine

1. Product name:cap making machine

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2.Product specification:

Model Number



36 Cavity







Brand Name



UL ISO9001:2017








A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production

B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency

C.Low energy consumption in heating and cooling process.No hot runner, save energy effectively

D.No raw material wasted in spilling and hot runner circuit, Every single granule of raw material is fully used

E.Safe machine door interlock,emergency stop switch,rigid machine housing, U/L certified

D.Fully automatic in line production, no hand touching, avoid contamination

4.Machine Advantage:

Compared with injection moulding machine and other cap making machine manufacturers,Jeepine’s plastic cap making machine have the following advantages:

Plastic cap Compression moulding technology as a well known technology around the world in plastic cap production.

Energy saving

Less Energy Consumption,Overall energy savings per cap can be as high as 45%.

Because plastic cap compression moulding machine need lower heating temperature,which means less energy consumption in both heating and cooling.

High specific density and less shrinkage

Equal molding pressure, lower molding temperature allows the result of a higher density. Furthermore, less heating and cooling temperature gap accomplish less shrinkage of caps.

Quick color changeover without hot runners,only the extruder and independent cool plus mould contact the material .

Shorter cycle time (2 seconds) and therefore higher productivity

Due to lower extrusion temperature, caps are more quickly to be cooled down in cool plus mould.It makes shorter cycle time, thus capacity rises.

Easy and flexible maintenance 

Independent mould make it easier to change mould, only with hand tools but not crane.

Less material waste:much lower costs per cap.  

5.Mold Advantage:

Advantages of cap compression cool plus mould(same level as SACMI mould):

1.High Quality 

The major cap mold material has excellent wear resistance, high

corrosion resistance and high machinability, high coating hardness

2. High Precision 

All the molds can precisely meet the dimension tolerance of cap


Jeepine has professional manufacture equipment for the bottle cap making machine, dedicated to

mold design and development, absolutely cope with your needs

a modified coolant liquid circulation system inside the mould which ensures inner and outer punch are cooled.

This cool plus mould can ensure an output increase 45% compared to standard mould,means a quicker return on investment of the plastic cap compression production line.


Beverage, Food, Medical, Plastic cap, water cap, beverage cap,CSD cap making machine

7.Package and transportation: 

The goods are shipped with container in the seaworthy vessel and suitable for export packaging


A.what is the process for making cap compression machine?

Main machine-Cap cooler-Cap sorter-Cap slitter-Cap package

B.where can see your customer’s cap making machine production? 

In Guangzhou, It is nearby our factory, 15 minutes by car.

C. how long to make the whole machine?

3 month for whole cap compression moulding machine

9.Customer’s reference:

A.YaSu Plastic,four sets of 24 cavity cap compression machine and one set of 36 cavity cap compression machine

plastic cap making workshop.jpg

10.Function:Cap compression machine for bottle cap production

11.Technology:Plastic cap compression moulding machine

Jeepine cap compression molding machine customers from all over the world:

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