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Compression Molding Machine

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Compression Moulding Press

1.Product name: csd cap making machine 2.Product specification: 3.Feature: A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency C.Low...

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Compression moulding press

Cap compression moulding press profile & principle:

With the features of convenient operation,high production efficiency and low average cost, Compression Molding is already a well-known and popular technology worldwide in plastic bottle caps production application.


While molding,material is cut as quantified pallet and inserted into the cavities.Then cap molds close,pellets are gradually plasticized and filled into the cavities under pressure and temperature. Finally bottle caps present after cooling and solidification in a cycle.



Why Compression molding is the best choice? 


1.Low heating temperature,less shrinkage

In cap compression moulding technology, plasticization temperature only requires 180℃. On the one hand, energy saves in heating and cooling process.On the other hand, less shrinkage rate of the final plastic caps.


2.High efficiency

Without hot runner, thus, dont need to clean chamber while color changeover of caps. This is the obvious advantages of CCM compared with IMM.


3.Easy mould discharge

Heavy crane is needless. The discharge of Compression cap mold only use man-tools.


4.Easy color changeover

Without hot runner, thus, there is less scrap material waste.


Product Description




We provide:



Compression molding machine production line Turn-key solution.

Include:cap compression molding machine(closure making machine), Cap cooler, elevator, unscrambler, slitting machine.

Others: chiller,air compressor, inspection machine, plastic cap printing machine, etc. 


Machine parts&Maintenance Service: European Cap compression moulding machine parts customized,cap compression mould parts customized as well as compression moulding press service.




Our advantages: Why choose us? 

1.Special designed screw, thermal control in eight stages

2.Integrated turnplate:

Jeepine cap machine adopts one-step molding integrated turnplate, to ensure upper cap molds and bottom molds in high concentricity effectively. Meanwhile, this can avoid the risk of deviation on separated turnplate after running in long time.



3.Compression cap mold material

High precision(μ grade) compression cap mold,small tolerance of cap dimension, high qualification.

4.Electric safety safeguard


Company Information

About us:


Jeepine focus on the Research& Development of high quality cap compression moulding machine. As the leading brand of cap molding machine in China, Jeepine never stop the progress in closure making machine.


Jeepine has obtained nearly 100 national patents, committed to “National-Torch-Program”,“The National Innovation Fund” and participated in many technology development projects of national, provincial and civic levels. 


R&D Strength:


Jeepine owning compression molding technology research center and Institute. Thereinto, R&D team gathers with Academicians,Professors, Doctors, Masters and senior engineers. Working with South China University,carrying out combination involving production and research.




Factory & Processing Equipment: 


Digital controlled lathe,from Japanese YAMAZAKI MAZAK Corporation,processing precision reaches 0.5μ.

High-precision internal and external grinding machine, HG-U series by Hardinge Inc.



Our Services

Aftersales Service:

a. One-year warranty of free parts and manpower, lifetime technical maintenance and support.

b. On-site service will be offered for one to two times per year, depended on the customers’ actual situation.


Overseas Exhibition

 International Exhibitions: 

Propak Asia--Thailand 

Chinaplas-- Shanghai/Guangzhou

Korea Pack--Korea

Afro Packaging&Food--Egypt

Propak Myanmar--Myanmar


Gulfood Manufacturer-- Dubai

Pack Expo-- USA

Expo Pack--Mexico

Drink Tec-- India

Propak Indonesia--Indonesia

Drinktec-- Germany



How to recognize and choose plastic bottle cap mould? One of the foremost points is to observe the final bottle caps.

Plastic bottle cap general knowledge:

1. Specification:

1) Internal dimension:(+-0.15mm), thread inner diameter,inner-plug outer diameter, top thickness;  

2) External Dimension (+-0.30mm): Cap Outer diameter,Cap height;

3) Others: Weight (+-0.1g).


2. Appearance:

1) Surface: Complete shape. Without starving, injury, flare, and out of shape.

2) Color: meet the tolerance of sample, even color.

3) Sealing: Without injury, distortion.

4) Lateral seal/ top seal: No bubble or injury.

5) Thread: Not less than thread inner diameter lower limit.

6) Cap slitting: No breakpoints, conglutination or starving.  

7) Injection gate: No cracks,holes, injection gate residue, or sink marks.

8) Pollution: No oil marks, dirt, stains, etc.

9) Printing: Clear pattern, no printing lack or other defects, meet the tolerance of ink and pattern requirement, off-center tolerance value +-0.3mm.


3. Physical Property:

1) Thermostability: No broken, distortion, and leakage.

2) Low temperature resistance: No distortion and leakage.

3) Drop performance: No broken, no leakage.


4.Peculiar smell: No abnormal smell. 


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