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How could bottle caps’ colors be switched quickly in production?
Feb 09, 2018

Cap compression molding machine is compared to cash printer humorously. Comparing with traditional injection molding technology,

cap compression molding machine have the advantages of stable,high quality,coherent,perfect appearance,low energy consumption. In addition, compression moulding have another superior feature, is simple operation and fast in bottle caps color changeover. How could it achieve,  let’s see as below:

Each bottle caps manufacturer should produce caps in different colors. Thus, we have to face the problems of color changeover. In traditional injection industry, this matter exists and perplexes bottle cap manufacturers. Most cap injection molding machines adopt pin point hot runner, moulds with hot runner are not only complex but also experience. Melted plastic is easy to attach in the inner wall and corner, it’s quite difficult to clear out all residuary material,and usually it takes time and much materials waste as transition, thus color changeover for injection molding is in high cost. Maybe someone advises to recycle, but don’t forget we cannot make recycling material completely clean. Even though a small granule may probably block pin point gate,therefore this method is not worth to advise.