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Compression Cap Mould China

Compression Cap Mould China

Water bottle cap mold Jeepine water bottle cap mold is the most competitive and reliable product cap compression moulding machine,Dedicated to High-efficiency and cost-saving cap compression moulding technology.especially for the bottled water cap compression moulding,beverage cap compression...

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Product Details

Compression Cap Mould China


Product Information:

>Name:Compression Cap Mould China

>Application: 26mm-50mm Caps of PET/PP bottles.

>Material:Sweden and Japanese Mold steel.

>Mold model:Water Bottle Cap Mold, PCO28 HF cap mould, CSD cap mould,etc.

>Matched machine:Compression moulding machine for Jeepine and European CCM.

>Feature:High efficiency, easy maintenance.

>Service: OEM&ODM, Customized Plastic Bottle Cap Mould.


Compression Cap Mould factory

Why choose Jeepine Compression cap mould?

1)Jeepine is exactly the manufacturer devoted to premium CCM, which has the high-efficiency cooling mold design,the excellent performance in Extruder plastication and the  extraordinary research of high-speed CCM in China at present. 


2) We are engaged in European CCM machine parts and service for some famous beverage and cap enterprises. 


3) Intelligent and high-precision Plastic Bottle Cap Mould processing equipment, Yamazaki Mazak, Harding,etc.

Compression Cap Mould factoryCompression Cap Mould factory


As an professional Compression Cap Mould factory, we offer customized Plastic Bottle Cap Mould to our customers domestic and abroad markets.


Among manufacturer of Plastic Cap Mold China, we are the rare compression cap mould factory who aims at R&D of premium and high-efficiency Plastic Bottle Cap Mould. 


Jeepine Customized Plastic Bottle Cap Mould is also the one in Compression Cap Mould China, who can offer excellent mould part and service for European compression moulding machine. 



Compression Cap Mould factory

Machine Application:

Compression Cap Mould factoryCompression Cap Mould factory

Knowledage: Corrective Solution during using comprssion cap mould China?

               Situation                Cause



1.Blanking abnormal: some materials are discharged or lost; notch unfair

Wrong operating parameter: operating 

pressure, time of blanking and blowing. 

Blanking delay.

Set parameter as required.
Abrasion of scraping knife on knife restSharpen the knife or replace scraping knife.
Uncleanness of knife rest bodyClean or replace
Wrong size of knife rest bodyReplace
Wrong blanking spray nozzleReplace

Wrong adjustment of scraping 



Failure of magnetic valve YV33 used for

controlling blanking


2.Trouble cap molding  

Wrong rotate speed setting of metering 

pump (too low)

Set parameter as required.
Wrong rotate speed setting of metering pump (too high)Set parameter as required.
Wrong high pressure flowContact the customer service department.
Abrasion of seal ring on lower molding bar

Contact customer


Abrasion of seal ring on connecting device

Set parameter as required.

3.Heavy cap weight

Wrong rotate speed setting of metering pump (too high)

Set parameter as required.

Abrasion of driver inserted into turntable

Contact the customer 

service department.

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