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Centrifugal cap unscrambler
Feb 11, 2018

Centrifugal cap unscrambler

Centrifugal cap unscrambler have a cap increase belt and a cap interim positions in the front, the front process to produce cap and through the duct to the transit warehouse, then up on cap upgrade the effect of belt conveyor, the caps at the moment all in a state of clutter.

Caps from ascending belt slipped to centrifugal wheel, caps under the effect of the rotation of the rotary table close to evenly spread on the table, if you careful observation, might find in a's wheel cap opening up more than open bottle cap at the bottom, please see below:

Because cap on top of the bottle cap, which is in the process of free falling side of cap will tend to focus on, so the opening up of falling into a rotary bottle cap will be a little more, we can think or do a test, the heavy at one end and the other end is light objects into the air, such as hammer objects, free fall behind must be heavy at one end of the first touchdown.Although the bottle cap is relatively light, but also basically obeys the principle of gravity.

Wheel in rotating at a constant speed, the wheel caps with centrifugal force, cap gradually under the action of centrifugal force to wheel edge, wheel edge can open a groove, its height is just a little higher than the caps a little and caps under the action of centrifugal force will gradually into the slot, and then one by one into another channel.

Mentioned above, the cap because most of the principle of gravity drop on the turntable is opening up, but there are about 20% cap opening downwards, the mouth cap will also enter the groove at the bottom, will also enter the cap in the channel, in order to the 20% of the cap and the opening up of the cap is separated, also need a important but also simpler mechanical mechanism.In the bottle cap passage, open a concave and oblique gap, one side is suspended, its overall width is larger than the diameter of a bottle cap, and the top is kept blowing continuously.Opening up the bottle cap can be freely through the concave gap, but the opening down the cap will be blowing in from the gap under the action of dangling position fell, 100% of this simple and effective design can eliminate cap at the bottom.These opening caps will fall down a circular pipe, and then, under the action of the blow, will be returned to the turntable, repeating the previous action.

Through the above series of mechanism, the bottle cap is in a unified state of opening up, and then the cap slitting , printing, laser printing and so on can be carried out.Failed to pass the cap will in blowing through the pipe under the action of back wheel, continue to the next cycle, all cap cycle, from the psychological GaiQi after completion, opening up the mission of flowing back end process.

Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd have the powerful cap compression molding machine manufacturing team,While guaranteeing the production and quality of the bottle cap making machine, we will devote a lot of energy to research and development, and continue to share the technological achievements with the main bottle cap making factories.

Jeepine plastic cap compression moulding machine’s Advantages:

Main machine Feature: 

A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production

B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency

C.Low energy consumption in heating and cooling process.No hot runner, save energy effectively

D.No raw material wasted in spilling and hot runner circuit, Every single granule of raw material is fully used

E.Safe machine door interlock,emergency stop switch,rigid machine housing, U/L certified

D.Fully automatic in line production, no hand touching, avoid contamination

Compared with injection moulding machine and other plastic closure making machine manufacturers,Jeepine’s plastic closure compression molding machine have the following advantages:

Plastic closure Compression molding technology as a well known technology around the world in plastic closure production.

Energy saving

Less Energy Consumption,Overall energy savings per cap can be as high as 45%.

Because plastic closure compression moulding machine need lower heating temperature,which means less energy consumption in both heating and cooling.

High specific density and less shrinkage

Equal molding pressure, lower molding temperature allows the result of a higher density. Furthermore, less heating and cooling temperature gap accomplish less shrinkage of caps.

Quick color changeover without hot runners,only with the extruder.

Shorter cycle time (2 seconds) and therefore higher productivity

Due to lower extrusion temperature, caps are more quickly to be cooled down 

in mould.It makes shorter cycle time, thus capacity rises.

Easy and flexible maintenance 

Independent molds make it easier to change molds, only with hand tools but not crane.

Less material waste    

Advantages of compression cap mold:

1.High Quality 

The major cap mold material has excellent wear resistance, high

corrosion resistance and high machinability, high coating hardness

2. High Precision 

All the molds can precisely meet the dimension tolerance of cap


Jeepine has professional manufacture equipment, dedicated to

mold design and development, absolutely cope with your needs

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