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how to solve the slitting problem of the plastic caps
Feb 11, 2018

how to solve the slitting problem of the plastic caps?

Let jeepine help you .

Cap slitting process is a very important part of the bottle cap manufacturing technology, it is not only related to the appearance of the product, more is directly affect the use function of the cap, if Cap slitting is abnormal, light on the outside of the bottle cap has touched upon and scratches, or on the filling line broken bridge or broken ring, moreover is Cap slitting not cutting through cap anti-theft ring failure and incurs the customer claim.

As cap production enterprises, we must keep strict control of Cap slitting process, including frequency of inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions and cutting ring tension value detection, using the standard bottle preform failure test, etc.

tension value detection, using the standard bottle preform failure test, etc.

Below, Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd 

, is combined with pictures for you comb a incised ring process of the common defects and the method of screening, and hope to be able to help cap making companies improve defect elimination rate and improve defect source diagnostic accuracy, reduce downtime and ensure the quality of bottle caps.

1Anti-theft ring cracking or cracking after the slitting of the plastic cap.

In general, anti-theft ring tangent after cracking or fracture can be found in the bottle cap appearance test, appear this kind of situation must first distinguish whether fixed mold, if the number is fixed mold we we review the mold of a problem, if is a fixed mode, the key screen cap thickness, equipment wheel track, cutter and so on whether there are abnormal, the following is a guard against theft ring tangent any fracture problem of the craze after screening process:

2.Tension value

Cap slitting tension values need to be done in the daily production strict detection and digital records, we can through a lot of cap slitting data from cutting ring pull poor value, poor standard information, if the data of the extreme value and the standard deviation is too large, the warning ring cutting machine status has gradually, need in the production of free maintenance.The following is the procedure for checking the excessive tension of the bottle cap.

3.The cap is scratched or injured.

Cap body scratches or depletion injury is one of the most common tangent defects, is usually a cap inside the cap slitting machinery and cap sending channel, need according to scratch and ke the location and size of the wound carefully check caps and machine may contact parts, then step by step, make sure you will be good Angle and the position of the potential collision cap burnish is flat and level. The following is a cap on the scratches and wound pictures and exclude plan:

4.Cap stuck or collapse

Cap stuck or collapse is refers to the cap in the cap slitting machine internal serious bad deformation, individual cap will throw cap slitting machine, once the cap to the filling line will cause send orbit jammed and abnormal block, cap slitting machine card cover is usually a cap slitting mold or abnormal dislocation or match the star wheel.Many times we need to manually turn the cap slitting machine, in a slow state into the cover, the priority of each lid into a state of star wheel rotary table and mould, check whether the cap is in the movement process have a cock or beating, if cap movement is not smooth, have the very big risk CARDS, Cap stuck or collapse.

5.cap Thread broken

Thread broken belong to very serious defect, and not easy was found in the sampling inspection, if the cap into the thread crushed filling line will cause high cover or slanting cover, a lot of bottle cap businesses will thread inspection on daily key sampling project.The thread compression is usually caused by the cap slitting mold. The most fundamental reason is that the die and the star wheel do not match. The following is the image of the thread compression and the troubleshooting scheme:

Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd as the most professional manufacturer of plastic cap compression moulding production line in china,

We have the international advanced cap slitting equipment.All cap slitting equipment front end are equipped with rotary cooler with high-speed cap making machine, effective cooling cap continuous stability and ensure the cap into the ring cutting machine, cutting ring machine automatic counting device for the outlet, each box cap the number using the specified data can be automatically switch box.The cutting ring equipment produces fast and stable performance.

Jeepine plastic cap compression moulding machine’s Advantages:

Main machine Feature: 

A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production

B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency

C.Low energy consumption in heating and cooling process.No hot runner, save energy effectively

D.No raw material wasted in spilling and hot runner circuit, Every single granule of raw material is fully used

E.Safe machine door interlock,emergency stop switch,rigid machine housing, U/L certified

D.Fully automatic in line production, no hand touching, avoid contamination

Compared with injection moulding machine and other plastic closure making machine manufacturers,Jeepine’s plastic closure compression molding machine have the following advantages:

Plastic closure Compression molding technology as a well known technology around the world in plastic closure production.

Energy saving

Less Energy Consumption,Overall energy savings per cap can be as high as 45%.

Because plastic closure compression moulding machine need lower heating temperature,which means less energy consumption in both heating and cooling.

High specific density and less shrinkage

Equal molding pressure, lower molding temperature allows the result of a higher density. Furthermore, less heating and cooling temperature gap accomplish less shrinkage of caps.

Quick color changeover without hot runners,only with the extruder.

Shorter cycle time (2 seconds) and therefore higher productivity

Due to lower extrusion temperature, caps are more quickly to be cooled down 

in mould.It makes shorter cycle time, thus capacity rises.

Easy and flexible maintenance 

Independent molds make it easier to change molds, only with hand tools but not crane.

Less material waste    

Advantages of compression cap mold:

1.High Quality 

The major cap mold material has excellent wear resistance, high

corrosion resistance and high machinability, high coating hardness

2. High Precision 

All the molds can precisely meet the dimension tolerance of cap


Jeepine has professional manufacture equipment, dedicated to

mold design and development, absolutely cope with your needs

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