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Plastic bottle cap mold design and processing
Feb 11, 2018

Plastic bottle cap mold design and processing.

With the increasing demand for food safety, plastic bottle cap is an essential factor to carry food safety, and improving the quality of plastic bottle cap is an important way to build a harmonious society.This paper analyzes the main characteristics and key technical points of the plastic bottle cap mould in China, and analyzes the design and processing of the mould with a typical plastic bottle cap.

1. Characteristics and key technology of plastic bottle cap mold.

Plastic cap production is characterized by high speed rotary compression moulding unit, ensure that each compression molding mould module has independent running unit, which greatly improves the flexibility of production, reduce the mold production cost, prolong the service life.

The compression moulding mold is the foundation of plastic bottle cap processing, and the following technologies must be done to realize the molding tool processing technology:

The first is to choose the mold material reasonably, ensure that the molds must have extremely high strength and wear resistance and precise size control;

The second is material heat treatment, the material treatment technology is the present China's pressure plastic technology and the foreign technology gap in the centralized embodiment;

Three is the precision processing of the thread surface, the thread determines the various technology of the plastic bottle cap, so this link belongs to the main link, it mainly consists of turning, buckle, point spark processing and so on;

Four is high precision grinding, grinding is the final process, which has a key effect on the quality of bottle cap.

2.Design of plastic bottle cap mold.

According to the requirements of plastic bottle cap structure, the design and assembly of plastic bottle cap compression mold is shown in figure 2.

1. Positioning plate

2. Template

3. Upper discharge plate.

4. Runner plate

5. Make a template

6. Intermediate plate

7. Dynamic template

8, shaft sleeve

9. Planet wheel

10 and plate

11. Guide plate

12. Threaded sleeve

13. Lower plate.

14 and shaft sleeve

15. Sun wheel

16, collar

17, the spindle

18. Drawing pin

19, sprue

2.1 design of pouring port.

The mould designed in this paper is mainly from the center of the mold, so as to avoid the appearance of air during the forming process of plastic bottle caps, thus forming good exhaust.But because based on the requirement of cap sealing ability, to enhance the strength of the thread, such as to prevent the occurrence of bubble in the injection molding process can take set point gate at the bottom of the plastic center position, improving the liquidity of the plastic, improve the quality of the products.

2.2 design of screw rotation and separation structure.

Under axial moving in the main shaft (17), the connection of the wheel (15) also rotates, thereby meshing planetary wheel (9), through the rotation of the planet wheel (9) to drive the line shaft drive, under the action of guide screw sleeve (12), and to cooperate with plastic thread separation, achieve the goal of plastics mold release.

2.3 design of limit mechanism.

On the design of concrete structure is: the work, stripper plate (3) and the runner plate (4), have been moving mould parts in the future mobile, on the role of the tie rod using the template (2) and the stripper plate (3) with separation, remove some condensed material in the runner, the moving mould part will then move back, in the small pull rod under the action of transverse limit, make the fixed template 4 (2) and plate (10) separate, complete corresponding ejection action.

3. plastic bottle cap mold processing technology.

According to the analysis of mold design, to reduce the workpiece deformation appeared in the process of machining and machining error, on the basis of the standard mold design specification should reasonably use the right process, the specific as follows:

3.1 reasonable planning and design and processing should be carried out in key parts of the mould.

Core fall garden Angle process with sufficient space to remain, its main is based on the subsequent processing factors to consider, plastic bottle cap processing generally need for finishing after rough machining, avoid because there was a previous absence, finishing and lead to the phenomenon of plastic caps are smaller, should be in the early stage to set aside enough space, ensure enough size for processing after heat treatment.

3.2 scientific calculation grinding results.

Grinding is an important part of the plastic bottle cap processing, the main is the use of abrasive machining method to remove the material, belongs to the methods of improving the precision for plastic bottle cap, due to the relatively small allowance for grinding, so the link of operation must be strictly calculated, give full consideration to the contact surface chemical reaction, contact temperature and load type and so on.

3.3 heat treatment of parts.

Often appear in the process of plastic bottle cap mould processing is difficult to eliminate the quenching stress, therefore can adopt advanced treatment + high tempering scheme, but the need to control well in the implementation of tempering temperature, the practice shows that choosing 520 degrees Celsius temperature tempering can improve the strength of the mold;At the same time, we should normalize the number of tempering, and ensure three tempering.

3.4 solve the flying edge problem.

flying edge generally occur in the mold parting position, the main cause of the problem is in the process of injection molding because of too much pressure or injection speed faster, so the countermeasures to solve the staff mainly from the following aspects: one is to improve equipment performance.When selecting the model of injection molding machine, the rated capacity of the machine is generally greater than that of the axial cross-sectional area of the injection mold.Second, update process method.Specific is to extend the time of injection molding;The third is to redesign the mold.

High precision plastic mould is the key factor to ensure the reasonable processing technology and guarantee the quality of plastic parts.Therefore, we should strengthen the research on the design and processing of plastic bottle caps, so as to promote the realization of the strategic goal of China's manufacturing power.

Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd have the powerful cap compression molding machine manufacturing team,While guaranteeing the production and quality of the bottle cap making machine, we will devote a lot of energy to research and development, and continue to share the technological achievements with the main bottle cap making factories.

Jeepine plastic cap compression moulding machine’s Advantages:

Main machine Feature: 

A.Rotary muti compression molding process and advanced hydraulic system bring the highly stable and accurate production

B.Muti-cavity continuous high speed rotation, short cycle time, and high production efficiency

C.Low energy consumption in heating and cooling process.No hot runner, save energy effectively

D.No raw material wasted in spilling and hot runner circuit, Every single granule of raw material is fully used

E.Safe machine door interlock,emergency stop switch,rigid machine housing, U/L certified

D.Fully automatic in line production, no hand touching, avoid contamination

Compared with injection moulding machine and other plastic closure making machine manufacturers,Jeepine’s plastic closure compression molding machine have the following advantages:

Plastic closure Compression molding technology as a well known technology around the world in plastic closure production.

Energy saving

Less Energy Consumption,Overall energy savings per cap can be as high as 45%.

Because plastic closure compression moulding machine need lower heating temperature,which means less energy consumption in both heating and cooling.

High specific density and less shrinkage

Equal molding pressure, lower molding temperature allows the result of a higher density. Furthermore, less heating and cooling temperature gap accomplish less shrinkage of caps.

Quick color changeover without hot runners,only with the extruder.

Shorter cycle time (2 seconds) and therefore higher productivity

Due to lower extrusion temperature, caps are more quickly to be cooled down 

in mould.It makes shorter cycle time, thus capacity rises.

Easy and flexible maintenance 

Independent molds make it easier to change molds, only with hand tools but not crane.

Less material waste    

Advantages of compression cap mold:

1.High Quality 

The major cap mold material has excellent wear resistance, high

corrosion resistance and high machinability, high coating hardness

2. High Precision 

All the molds can precisely meet the dimension tolerance of cap


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