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Plastic packaging materials analysis
Feb 11, 2018

Plastic packaging material performance characteristics

Advantages listed

Physical and mechanical performance is good

Good barrier property

Excellent resistance to chemicals

Good processing adaptability


Defect list

Strength of the steel is better than

Heat resistance than metal and glass

Part of the plastic containing toxic monomer

Easy to take the electrostatic

Waste processing difficulties

Commonly used packaging plastic and its performance


1, low density polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE),

Polyethylene is white waxy solid, translucent, is almost tasteless non-toxic.Polyethylene macromolecular chain of good flexibility, easy to crystallization, temperature of polyethylene by fractional crystallization and part of amorphous body in a high elastic state.



The performance characteristics of

Low density polyethylene processing performance is good, has the good transparency, but poor air tightness, low tensile strength, and hot temperature is not high, chemical resistance, solvent resistance is not as good as high density polyethylene, and easy to absorb oil swelling, make the products be sticky.


Scope of application

Bottle blow molding, extrusion hose used for seasoning, pharmaceuticals packaging;Bottle caps, bottle stopper and other containers in attachment;All kinds of packaging film, containers and plastic foam buffer materials.



The performance characteristics of

Impact strength, stress cracking resistance, and high density polyethylene, and transparency, hardness and processing performance is between the high density and low density polyethylene.Elongation and durable thorn is one of the best in all kinds of polyethylene.



Is suitable for packaging film, its thickness than the low density polyethylene thinned 20%, is a kind of very promising plastic packaging materials.

2, high density polyethylene (HDPE) high density polyethylene

The performance characteristics of

Strength, good heat resistance, the highest temperature can reach 120 ℃, transparency, flexibility and processing performance is poorer, carbamate resistance is poor, low gloss, surface treatment before the printing.


Scope of application

Container, pallet, large barrels used for milk, chemical products such as plastic packaging, bottle packed in yogurt, detergents, bleach, bottle caps, bottle stopper and other containers in attachment.


3, foaming polyethylene - EPE (commonly known as pearl cotton)

Divided into sheet, plate, pipe, bar and segmentation section shape and so on.


Scope of application

Widely used packaging any shape of goods, especially the electronic products such as: computer, TV, acoustics, speakers and other kinds of antistatic of cushion packaging.Pearl cotton belong to environmental protection, is characterized by good elasticity, strong toughness.Can also be made jackets, floating plate, travel bag, hats, etc.


4, polypropylene (PP) polypropylene

The performance characteristics of

Polypropylene is one of the most light in general plastic, its heat resistance is common among the highest in the plastic, can be in 100 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ for long-term use.High crystallinity and tensile strength and hardness are better than polyethylene, moisture resistance, water resistance and prevent odor has good permeability, can heat sealing.Excellent resistance to bending fatigue strength, under 80 ℃ acid, alkali, salt solution and most organic solvents such as polypropylene packing box to use this feature.

Bad cold resistance, aging resistance, air tightness, not suitable for use in low temperature, and easily affected by light and oxygen.Adhesive or must go through surface treatment before printing.


Scope of application

Widely used in the production of food, chemical products, cosmetics, food and beverage, beer, such as turnover box, blow molding bottles for shampoo, cosmetic packaging, threaded cap or hinged, woven bag packaging and packaging film, packaging tapes and foam buffer material, etc.


5, polystyrene (PS)

The performance characteristics of

Colorless, transparent, odorless, non-toxic, good coloring and printing, bibulous rate is low, good dimensional stability, just pretty and no malleability.Resistance to organic acid, alkali, salt, low alcohol and aqueous solution of low impact resistance strength, surface hardness is small, easy to scratch grinding;Moisture resistance and heat resistance is poorer, vulnerable to many hydrocarbon, ketone, senior fatty acid such as segmentation and softening.


Scope of application

Widely used in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, and daily necessities, such as small packaging container, such as boxes, cups, and food packaging film.In addition, also used to produce large amounts of foam cushion materials, used in instruments, meters, electrical appliances, such as buffer shockproof packaging, etc.


6, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The performance characteristics of

Has good rigidity and hardness, heat resistance is poor, transparency can reach 76% ~ 82%.Good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, compression performance, moisture resistance, water resistance and gas tightness, good heat sealing.Good printing performance and flame retardant.Resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and nonpolar solvents, vulnerable to the erosion of polar organic solvent, vinyl chloride monomer containing toxic, and plasticizer, stabilizer, are mostly used by toxic substances, so for food and pharmaceuticals packaging PVC non-toxic additives should be adopted, and regulation of vinyl chloride monomer content is less than 1 PPM.

Scope of application

Make hard packing container, transparent sheet material and soft packaging film.Made from PVC transparent sheet after hot forming of packaging containers, a large number of packaging for food and pharmaceuticals.In addition, polyethylene foam and buffer material can also be made.


7, polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

The performance characteristics of

Very good mechanical strength, good hardness, abrasion resistance and folding resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance is good, has good moisture resistance, air tightness and good permeability, prevent the smell ability weak acid, weak alkali, and most of the solvent, good oil resistance, suitable for printing, not resistant to strong alkali, strong acid, chlorinated hydrocarbons such as also the erosion;Easy with static electricity, and there is no appropriate to prevent electrostatic method, heat sealing performance is poor;Price is expensive.


Scope of application

Is used mainly for packaging containers and film, for good air tightness, heat resistance and cold resistance, so the polyester film is suitable for frozen food and cooking food packaging.Polyester bottles of beverage is used for packing.


8, polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC)

The performance characteristics of

With the strength of materials, light brown crystalline is strong, the water vapor, the transmittance of the gas has the very good air tightness and moisture resistance.Polyvinylidene chloride has good mechanical strength, strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent, good oil resistance, self-adhesive, difficult to combustion and spontaneous combustion resistance, aging resistance is poor, vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet light, easy to decompose the hydrogen, the monomer has toxicity.So used in food packaging should strictly control the quality standard.


9, polyamide (PA)

The performance characteristics of

Tenacity, less transparent horniness material, tasteless non-toxic, burning carbonized wool.


Crystalline is strong, high melting point, oil resistant, resistant to solvents, excellent mechanical properties.Expansion strength and impact strength significantly better than general plastic, good wear resistance, self-lubrication, and has high resistance to bending fatigue strength, good low temperature resistance, high temperature stability.Good air tightness is polyethylene, polypropylene, dilute acid and alkali resistance, no static, printing performance is good.Strong water absorption, moisture permeability, high temperature conditions in poor stability, after absorbing water tightness fell sharply, nylon formic acid, phenol and alcohol resistance, strong alkali to its erosion.


Scope of application

Mainly used for flexible packaging of food, especially suitable for sex fat food packaging.Nylon containers are often used in chemical reagents and other packaging.

10, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)

The performance characteristics of

Usually do not have resistance to water, but after heat treatment, aldehyde or dealt with in an appropriate methods of organic crosslinking between the molecular chain, can make its have the resistance to water.Has the good transparency and toughness, tasteless non-toxic, has excellent air tightness and sweet, has good mechanical strength, good stress cracking resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance, with no static, printing performance is good, and have a thermal resistance.Moisture permeability, big water imbibition, vulnerable to the erosion of alcohols, esters and other solvents.


Scope of application

Used in food packaging, aqueous polyvinyl alcohol can be used for chemical metering etc.


11, ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)

The performance characteristics of

Stress cracking resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and low temperature thermal bonding are better than polyethylene, ability strong base and weak acid erosion, film slip differential may just as well, easy adhesion;Moisture resistance difference of low density polyethylene, and air tightness bad;Poor heat resistance;Vulnerable to the erosion of acid and other organic solvents, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, or in the generation of hydrocarbon;Poor oil resistance.


Scope of application

Used to make packaging film, because of its good elasticity, it applies to coil wrapping package tray.Because it has excellent low-temperature heat sealing, it is used for composite membrane sealing layer, also used in medicine and food packaging container.


12, polycarbonate (PC)

The performance characteristics of

Colorless, transparent as high as 80% ~ 80%, the refractive index is approximately 1.59, suitable for optical materials, has good moisture resistance and air tightness, excellent bartender incense and heat resistance, cold resistance, and has a prominent impact toughness, no notched impact strength of the highest in thermoplastics.Molding shrinkage ratio is small, bibulous rate is low, has good dimensional stability, with no static electricity, insulation performance is good, dilute acid, oxidant, reductant, such as salt, fat hydrocarbon, good oil resistance.Easy to produce stress cracking phenomenon;Poor resistance to bending fatigue strength;Heat sealing bad;Not alkali resistance, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbon, swelling in many organic solvents evaporate qi and cause stress cracking.

Scope of application

Mainly used for electrical insulation materials, mainly used in food packaging in the packaging, have good wear resistance, suitable for hardware packaging, have sharp objects.


13, polyurethane (PU)

The performance characteristics of

Excellent flexibility, conform to the requirements of the density, flexibility, elongation and compression strength, good chemical stability, many solvent and oil resistance, abrasion resistance 20 times larger than natural sponge, excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, shockproof and glue, the price is higher.



Used for precision instrument, expensive equipment, handicrafts, shockproof packaging or buffer pad materials.


14, phenolic plastics (PF)

The performance characteristics of

High mechanical strength, wear resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistant, not easy deformation, some dilute acid resistance, good oil resistance, low elasticity, large brittleness, products, with darker color is black or brown, can not be colorless products, can make its decomposition, alkali and oxidizing acid with WeiDu.


Scope of application

Widely used as electrical insulating materials.Its application in the packaging is mainly used to make cap, boxes and chemical products of acid containers.Made of bakelite cap, can withstand the torque of the capping machine, and can keep the seal and not loose for a long time.


15, urea-formaldehyde (UF) plastic

The performance characteristics of

Surface hardness, good gloss and appropriate translucent, its good color, can make all kinds of good appearance and bright color products, not easy to absorb dust, good electrical insulation, chemical stability, and no organic solvent effect, good oil resistance, water resistance, easy bibulous deformation, cannot use steam sterilization, impact strength is slightly less than, the erosion of alkali and acid.


Scope of application

Used to produce exquisite packing box, cosmetic containers, and closures, etc.In acetic acid or 100 ℃ when soaked in boiling water, there are free of toxic substance formaldehyde, it is not suitable for packing food.


16, melamine plastic (MF)

The performance characteristics of

Strength, not easy deformation, surface smooth and hard, look be like ceramic, tasteless non-toxic, good color, can be made into all kinds of colorful products.Heat resistance, good resistance to water, boiling water, acid, alkali resistance, oil resistance.


Scope of application

The price is good, used to make more food containers, also can be used to make the fine food packaging containers.


17, PVC heat shrinkable film

PVC heat shrinkable film, is divided into ordinary packaging film, color film.


Ordinary packaging film: suitable for all kinds of product packaging and combination packaging.The product features as follows: good transparency, shrinkage rate is strong, easy to operate.


After packing the product can seal the characteristic of moisture proof, insulation, light, strong and beautiful.Color printing film, except for a variety of color printing label, also applies to the product bottle, box packing style sealing heat sealing.


18, POF heat shrinkable film

POF shrink bag, environmental protection, the longitudinal and transverse shrinkage effect is good, it is mainly used for gift, stationery, hardware and other lighter shrinkable packaging of the item.


19, PET heat shrinkable film

Using polyester resin slice production, is internationally recognized as "environmentally friendly" heat shrinkable packaging material.Its technical indicators, physical properties, application scope and method of use close to the "PVC heat shrinkable film."


With the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, domestic products gradually toward the international market demand, the current "PET" alternative "PVC heat shrinkable film is the ideal packaging material.

20, PE heat shrinkable film

PE heat shrinkable film points paperback type, single chip type two kinds, automatic unit is applicable to various products and packaging.The characteristics of the product: good toughness, not easy damaged, alternative carton packaging.