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Why to design north in some bottle neck finishes thread and compression moulding caps?
Dec 26, 2018

Why to design north in some bottle neck finishes thread and compression moulding caps? 

As we can see,there are north in bottle finishes of cola, mineral water,tea drinks,etc. The threads are not continuous, meanwhile, there are notch in bottle cap thread. Why design as this?

Now that there are north in bottle neck finishes, its sure there are some without north. As below,

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Both are the same bottle neck finishes, the left one without north. 

So why?

Specifically speaking,the left one is 1881 Hot Filled neck finishes,the right one is Aseptic neck finishes, they are respectively used for Hot Filled drinks and Cool Filled drinks.

The difference is, Hot Filled bottle neck is smaller in diameter,thick in wall,and without north,etc. 

Its exactly the filling technology results in the bottle neck finishes!

As below, the reality is disclosing:In the process of filling, unavoidably,liquid inside would spill on bottle neck. After filling, beverage should clean by water after filling. If not clean,the result is:

Therefore,the main function of north is making the water easy to flow after bottle clean. Otherwise,the residue would cause mucedine.  

Some friends may ask, Hot filled bottle without north, is clean water difficult to flow: Lets back to Filling process,after capping, beverage would go through a long spray cooling room,not only cool down under Dew Point, but also clean out.

PS: Dew Point is also named Dew point temperature, in the meteorology, the temperature at which the gaseous water in the air becomes saturated and condenses into liquid water at a fixed pressure.

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Learn more about machine,

Spray cooling method is to use a lot of spray head like a flower, from the top down, all directions, no corner of the bottle spray.Don't think that if you spray from the top down, you can't get water into the gap between the cap and the top of the bottle.Therefore, the cooling process of spray water also played a considerable role in rinsing the bottle neck finishes.


Since Aseptic Filling without this spray cooling, its necessary to clean bottle finishes after filling.

Some friend may ask, whether the detergent enters the bottle or not while cleaning?

The water used for cleaning bottle neck after filling is purify water without detergent. Dont need to worry they would enter into bottle,the current technology will ensure neck finishes clean and wont enter into bottle.

Another function of north is,spilling out inside air while cap open. Otherwise,inside air pressure would push bottle caps and do harm to people. Thus,all CSD should use such bottle neck,as well as some dairy products which are easy to swell up. 

Knowledge about bottle finishes: 

1. Beverage bottle neck finishes models?

At present,the popular neck finishes are: 28mm,38mm,48mm,etc.

28/38/48 here is external diameter of bottle neck thread close 28mm/38mm/48mm. In which, 28mm is the most popular in beverage,38mm is usually used for sport drinks, and big volume juice,48mm is normally used for barrelled water and edible oil. 

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2.How to select fitting bottle neck model?

There are several factors as below:

A. Product position(Function and integrated image).

Can you imagine a sport drink used 28mm bottle neck, and how anxious a guy about such small bottle neck after practice.Another principle is bigger volume usually bigger bottle neck. 

A. Product filling technology,thats decisive. Aseptic introduced previously,beverage filling includes: Hot filling and Aseptic filling, the main difference is there are pour sterilization spray cooling after filling, Aseptic drinks can be packed into warehouse after filling.

C. Cost and filling limitation.

3. About cap mold models:

Beverage cap models are divided into: 1810, 1881, 38mm, etc. For still water, the popular cap modes are 3025,2925,etc.


In technology cap model includes: Cap Injection Moulding, Continuous compression moulding.

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