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Evian, Lifewtr, Blairquhan, High-end Bottled Water Which Is Stronger?
Feb 11, 2018

High-end water market limelight in recent years gradually fierce, PepsiCo, ganten companies have launched the high-end brand of water.High-end brand marketing model of water features, the future will be how to develop?Before it'll see evian, Lifewtr pure water, Blariquhan current marketing rhythm, reveal the high-end marketing rules of bottled water.

Rule 1: classic and the spirit of positive affirmations

Evian, Lifewtr, Blairquhan to claim a classic and positive life, able to resist the passage of time, whenever you are not out of date.


Evian from 2009 Live young, Live young, urged people to keep pure, young and innovative spirit, will be the key words and pure evian bundled together.


Advocated "Art Lifewtr top service life more inspired," Lifewtr believe inspiration for people is just as important as water, because it is through the release of our creative potential and make us forward.Inspire thoughts, refresh the body.Leaving the world more inspiration, inspire more creative.

While Blairquhan advocated "the interaction of water and music", Blairquhan designers think that music is the best expression way for water.Water is very much in common with the music, the high quality water to keep fit, beautiful music and mind;Water has been hailed as a good thing in the world, and music is the most spiritual beauty, the interaction of water and music is a perfect combination of the United States.Believe that this combination can awaken the inner pursuit for a better life, even if drink water little thing, full of sense of ritual.

Rule 2: clear brand symbol

Evian around Live young, baby as the element, creating a series of slightly bizarre impressive feature films.In the video, baby to save honor, the sea god can do anything, also smoking a pipe opened a convenience store.In 2017 and introduced a amplifier series, clothes, shoes, construction of the perspective of the world with a baby."Baby" has become a label of evian.


Lifewtr will through art, whether it is web design, designer style, on the commercials in the super bowl, colourful, full of vitality, and bottled is also have different designers to create every series.


Blairquhan will focus on the "bass" music element, whether the bass elements in the design of the bottle propaganda in the cello, let a person will water with elegant music.The future is expected to be associated with elegant instruments produce.

Rule three: international routes, and active crossover fashion, art

Crossover of evian and fashion has a long history, and Paul Smith in 2010 and 2010, Courreges issey miyake, 2012 and 2012, Diane von Furstenberg, 2014?Elie Saab, KENZO comes in 2015 as well as Alexander Wang, 2016, Christian Lacroix, never short of fashion joint limited memory.Upgrade again in 2017, with the RAD co cooperation T-shirt, and the galeries lafayette department store to create wonderful giant world, evian and half fashion would have worked.

Under the banner of Lifewtr in art.Art is made up of new bottle Lifewtr canvas, at present has developed three series.Starting series, invited three good at emerging artists to stereo space, work elements of modern art, bold use and bright color.Series 2 invited contemporary graphic artists, through the collision of the color, the mysterious attractive charm, thinking about ideal and reality.Series 3, invited the clothing of the new designer.Different designers, has a different view of the world coordinate system, reflect on the Lifewtr, the bottle is not the same.Different works have different meaning, but their common point to Lifewtr brand pursuit of art.

Blairquhan as a rising star, the strength is there for all to see.Cross-border international sporting events on one hand, in October at the 7th Beijing international equestrian masters (sino-foreign riders compete domestic the most scale and influence of ground barrier is one of the equestrian events), November on the Shanghai masters snooker world (Asia's top snooker tournament), in two big society like sports obtain high exposure, and fit the brand art, elegant and spiritual topics.

On the one hand,to carry out the fashion layouts.In October at the Shanghai fashion week inter brand conference, occupied in October to social media headlines.Appeared in November 2017, Victoria's secret show, the world's top supermodel, tickets were fired to $350000 a piece, popular entertainers are proud of to the scene to watch the national husband sicong also can only stand see, Blairquhan as big show the world the only designated drinking water brand, the brand power to be reckoned with.


Based on the above three marketing rules, Blairquhan has much to space in the future.Can see Blairquhan is expected to more fashionable places, or some art Blairquhan with higher-ups.Blairquhan has towards the international stage, as the representative work of domestic high-end water market also is only a matter of time.