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Industry Science And Technology Award To Jeepine 36cavities High Speed Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine.
Mar 20, 2018

Guangdong machinery industry science and technology award to Jeepine 36cavities high speed plastic cap compression molding machine.


On March 17, 2018, the guangdong provincial machinery industry science and technology award and the guangdong mechanical engineering society science and technology awards ceremony were held.

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The mechanical engineering society of guangdong province, the machinery industry association established on 26 September 2015 joint and to undertake the mechanical industry in guangdong province science and technology awards, is geared to the needs of the entire province machinery industry science and technology awards."Two award evaluation and reward once a year, focus on reward the major technological innovation, to the provincial machinery industry has a significant contribution to the scientific and technological progress and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits of the collective and individuals, has in the subject area and the industry to form the extensive and prominent social influence.

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Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent compression molding machine co., LTD’s 36 cavity high-speed cap compression molding machine in this congress won the guangdong machinery industry science and technology prize, second prize of the mechanical engineering society science and technology prize in guangdong province.

The award is to Guangzhou Jeepine strength in the field of science and technology research and development and the industry recognition, we will continue to innovation, dares to challenge, continuously provide customers with more efficient energy-saving equipment and better service, determined to fill the domestic blank in this field and break the foreign monopoly of confidence.


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Guangdong machinery industry science and technology award.

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Science and technology award of guangdong mechanical engineering society.

Ten years, the Jeepine company has gradually developed a 24G (top speed of 24000 per hour), 24H (Max speed up to 36000 / hour), 36H (Max speed up to 55000 / hour) three models, covering 1810 cap, 1881, cap, 2925 cap, 2622 cap, 3025 cap,38 cap, 45 cap,5 liters of special smart cap markets such as ge's various standards cap type, deeply domestic and foreign large customer high praise, "Jeepine cap compression molding machine" has become one of the main choice.


After the 36 cavity high speed cap compression moulding machine, the guangzhou jeepine compression moulding will be rolled out in 2018 with a speed of 80000 / hour 48 cavity high speed plastic cap compression moulding machine, continuously providing customers with high efficiency and energy saving machine and high quality service!