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The Meeting Of How To Make A High Quality Bottle Cap
Mar 12, 2018

The meeting of how to make a high quality bottle cap.

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Plastic cap is widely used in pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging industries such as food and beverage,

With its good quality and low price,


Environmental protection and other characteristics are welcomed by users and consumers.

Plastic bottle caps are divided into two types: injection moulding and compression moulding plastic closure.

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In the beverage industry, compression moulding plastic cap has occupied more than half of the market share,

Therefore, the high quality compression plastic closure,

It is very important for a manufacturer.

So, how can we produce high quality compression moulding plastic caps?


Guangzhou Jeepine intelligent compression molding Machine co., LTD. According to the production experience of oneself do some summary: the company through the technology department, production department, technical equipment, quality control department and other departments of the cooperation and textbook development, adhere to the good in the process of pressure with molding cover three close, adhere to high quality standards, so as to realize the dream of producing high quality compression cap.


One is to close the good raw materials.

hdpe material.jpg

This is the foundation to ensure the production of high quality plastic cover.Different grades and different types of raw materials have different properties, and confusing use will affect the quality of bottle caps.Even if it is the same brand and the same type of raw material, the raw material performance will be different due to different manufacturers, and the quality of the bottle cap will have a great impact.Therefore, we will make quality assessment for different raw materials and different manufacturers, sample production, record, optimize and select the best raw materials.



At the same time, the bottle cap production raw material storage should be protected from moisture.The moisture content of the raw material is too high after the dampness, and the bottle cap is easy to bubble, which can easily affect the appearance and sealing performance of the bottle cap.In addition, in order to ensure the high quality of the bottle cap, the bottle cap production must be used new materials, not to use recycled  materials, not to mention dirty materials and waste.


First of all, the dirty material affects the appearance of the product. The wet material will cause bubbles to affect the appearance and sealing of the bottle cap.


Secondly, recycled material frequent use of easy to wear cap mould, affect the service life of the mold, and back to reuse, due to the repeated heating, performance degradation, and the new material performance difference is big, which can lead to cap function decreased significantly.This is not in accordance with the high quality requirements of our company, and we refuse to use the materials.

Finally, put an end to filling has abandoned closures or impurity closures used in manufacturing cap again, otherwise easy to produce or the phenomenon of impurity diffusion, and a vicious cycle lead to more large quantities of impurities, do more harm than good.



The second is to close the good equipment.

cap compression moulding machine developing.png

This is to ensure the production of high quality plastic closure,With the mature of compression molding process technology,compression molding cap also gradually become the mainstream of the market trend, select the appropriate pressure with molding cover - intelligent pressure molding machine equipment, has become the key of the our company in the production of high quality caps.In recent years, domestic compression plastic closure equipment manufacturers have caught up, narrowing the technological gap with imported compression moulding-plastic equipment and breaking the market monopoly of imported equipment.

Our company from among the dozens of compression molding machine manufacturers at home and abroad, in accordance with the standards of high performance and high stability to choose company compression molding equipment, select the domestic compression molding equipment manufacturing leader in intelligent compression technology co., LTD of guangzhou Jeepine goods  CCM - 24H and CCM 36H two types of high speed press.

plastic cap compression molding machine workshop.jpg

Jeepine compression molding machine, through years of production practice, solve the problem we face the perennial production stability, meet the requirements of the cap of a company customers high quality, get a wider customer recognition, won the market and profits for the company to achieve sustainable growth.


Third, the good quality control.


This is the key to ensure the production of high quality compression moulding plastic cap.In any case, it is up to the quality of the product to win the trust of the customer.In a sense, the quality control is not good, everything is useless, so the quality control is particularly important in the production of high quality plastic cover.The key to quality control is that people need to cultivate high-quality production personnel and quality inspectors, establish reliable product quality traceability system, and make strict requirements on the quality of bottle caps.In addition, advanced testing equipment and a regular cap online quality detection tools, also is the indispensable part to ensure the quality of bottle caps, also from the objective to ensure high quality caps, which make up the artificial defects, greatly improved the quality of bottle caps.