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ISO9001 2015 For Jeepine Cap Compression Molding Machine
Feb 11, 2018

ISO9001:2015 for Jeepine Cap compression molding machine 

With the development of economic, more and more enterprisers realize the market competition. ISO 9001 standard is based on the summary of much quality arrangement pratice from developed countries in the world. Now it has been become the the global basic requirement on quality control. If enterprises want to obtain this international permission, they must go trough this gate. From our factory started, 

From our factory started, Jeepine hold the policy of “Take faith as base, exist by quality”,”Technology innovation,purchase leading level in the industry”,and we started to carry out ISO 9001: 2015 Quality control system.


Proof by fact, ISO quality control is not only enhance the company activity, and obviously improve the equipment position and managers level. ISO 9001 Quality control has become the guarantee of equipment control work,it would be improve the equipment management, and finally achieve a big leap.

For Jeepine, adopting ISO 9001 quality control is a cross-culture management remove. All quality control policies and aims are based on the company’s real situation and product-plastic caps making machine, we insist the faith of “ Take customers as center”,emphasize quality procedure and systematized management,and take quality control into native development. 

Remarks:Jeepine is the leading manufacturer in plastic cap compression molding machine in China. Producing high quality, durable, and stable cap making machine is our goal.