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New Cap Compression Molding Machine Factory Opened
Jan 07, 2019

Happy New Year to you,wish you have a healthy and prosperous 2019.

Great Thanks to our current and future customers, 

Your recognition of us is our eternal pursuit.

cap compression molding machine factory

New journey of plastic closure rotary compression molding industry, focus on rotary compression molding technology, improve product cost performance, create value for customers, come on 2019!
Guangzhou Jeepine plastic cap compression molding technology has upgraded. New factory new office opening, new office environment, more professional technology, a higher starting point, to provide better service for customers, to provide one-stop service for the water and beverage industry.
New working environment, same service concept-creating value for customers with our hard work.

Jeepine cap compression moulding machine is made with high quality standard, and with very competitive price. With efficient management team and technical innovation team, jeepines plastic cap Compression Molding Machine becomes more and more competitive, As the only one public listed cap compression moulding technology company,jeepine cap moulding machine is the best choice of long term business partner in the world now.

Application: water cap compression molding,carbonated soft drink cap molding, beverage cap moulding,dairy cap molding,liquor cap molding,condiment cap molding,cosmetics closure molding and pharmaceutical closure moulding.

Plastic cap types:3025 water cap,2925 water cap,PCO 1881 CSD Cap,PCO 1810 CSD cap,2622 water cap,38mm water cap,38mm hot filling cap,45mm water cap and 48mm water cap


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Michael Peng

Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd 

Address:Southeast door,#23 Yunpu 1 Road ,Huangpu District,Guangzhou,510530,china  




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