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Focus On Lid Compression Molding Machine Only
Dec 07, 2018

Life motto: we focus on plastic lid compression molding machine only!


Life mission: “Jeepine only make plastic cap compression molding.” It is our  sacred mission to provide customers with cost-effective plastic lid compression machine and help customers enhance competitiveness.


And our machine can produce the caps, their names as following,


3025 bottling water cap

38 mm smart cap

45 mm smart cap

Non-standard caps



Knock the blackboard, underline the key points


Their charming features: 

1. The cap surface is smooth and clean without injection feeding point

2. Smooth cap’s top, easy to print, low cost of LOGO engraving

3. Cap’s shrinkage coefficient is small, more accurate size

4. Strong stability of production process and good consistency of bottle cap.

5. The mainstream technology of the market,  ensures the benefits of customers

6. Low energy consumption, environment friendly and green cycle




Do you know?

We, not only charming,

But also geting the certificates and rewards.