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How To Deal With The Static Electricity Generated In The Process Of Plastic Cap Compression Molding?
Dec 07, 2018

How to deal with the static electricity generated in the process of plastic cap compression molding ?


As a kind of plastic products, the compression cap is high polymer, the surface resistance is above 1012 Ω, dry environment prone to static electricity.


In the process of cap molding, the production staffs often get electric shock when they touch the cap or equipment, which makes people uncomfortable and easily causes psychological fear. In addition, static electricity has a strong ability to absorb dust from the air, which affects the quality of bottle caps. At the same time, it will also have a certain impact on the printing of bottle caps in the behind process. As the adhesion drops, causing the ink on bottle caps to fall off and affecting the appearance of bottle caps.


How to avoid such condition?

1, Add PE special antistatic agent into the raw material of bottle cap.

Antistatic agent can avoid the static electricity generated by the insulation performance of the polymer itself, and has a good effect of dust removal on the surface of bottle cap. The use of antistatic agent will not affect the quality of the bottle cap, antistatic lasting, efficient, and has excellent dispersion and transparency, the general added amount is 0.5% to 2%, can be adjusted according to the actual production. This method is more convenient, but more expensive, the cost will increase.


2, High pressure ionised air flow to remove static electricity and dust.

After the cap is charged, it is easy to absorb fine dust in the air and attach to the surface. Because electrostatic adsorption of dust is very difficult to remove by general blowing method, in the plastic cap compression cooling process,  

the effect is better to use high pressure ionised air flow to removal dust. This method is simple, easy to use, good effect and the most commonly used method to eliminate static electricity.


3, Humidity control method


The resistance on the surface of the bottle cap decreases with the increase of air humidity. Therefore, increasing the relative humidity of the air in the environment of the plastic cap compression can prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Maintaining a certain humidity in the factory can eliminate the harm of static electricity. However, as a cap compression machine manufacturer, the humidity will affect the compression molding of the cap, and the effect will not be achieved if the humidity is too low. At the same time, the cap making workshop has a large space, and the humidity is difficult to control.This kind of humidity control elimination method, although does not change the material property to use the static electricity itself characteristic to eliminate, is a relatively simple method, but is not easy to operate, this method can only be used in certain occasions, does not have the universal significance, cannot promote the application.


4, Static electricity can be eliminated by using equipment such as an electrostatic eliminator


As the large quantity of bottle caps requires more production staff and static eliminator, this undoubtedly increases the production cost.This method is simple and feasible, but the cost is high.In addition, the simplest method is to make cover workshop production staff wear anti-static wrist belt (gloves), but this is only for the protection of employees, eliminate the uncomfortable feeling caused by static electricity, but can not completely eliminate the harm of static electricity.


Plastic cap compression machine for the cap's making production, handling, contact, separation, friction, collision process will produce static electricity, which also brings the harm of static electricity, the above methods and measures for your reference.