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Research Of Making The Easily Open Bottle Cap
Sep 17, 2018

As we all know,

The most important function of the plastic security closure is its sealing.


Bottle caps are also often overlooked as an important functional feature - ease of opening,

If it takes more effort to open the cap,

It's going to make consumers uncomfortable,

Not satisfied with the consumption experience of the product,

So for the water and beverage industry,

This is a potential problem.

As below through jeepine compression molding machinery production of one of 3025 water cap, for example

How to ensure the sealing of the bottle cap and facilitate the opening of consumers,

Especially for the delicate girls,

Open the bottle cap so easy.

According to our production experience,

Influence the difficulty of opening the bottle cap,

There are only three production links.


One is the molding of bottle cap

The bottle cap has two important parameters, inner plug outer diameter and height, which not only determine the sealing of the bottle cap, but also affect the opening performance of the bottle cap.

In the mold design of the bottle cap, increasing the outer diameter and height of the inner plug is beneficial to the sealing of the bottle cap, but overemphasizing the sealing of the bottle cap will increase the difficulty of opening the bottle cap.

In our 3025 standard water closure moulds, we fully consider the influence of the two on each other, so that they can be combined organically to meet the requirements of the two;

In addition, the unique non-slip tooth design of the plastic anti-theft cap increases the friction between the surface of the bottle cap and the palm when consumers manually open the bottle cap, so as to facilitate the opening of the bottle cap and facilitate the opening of the bottle cap, as well as facilitate the grabbing of the screw cap and the positioning of the bottle cap.In this way, the sealing and opening of the cap can be solved simultaneously.


The other is the cap slitting in the production of bottle cap.

The sealing ring of the bottle cap is a connecting bridge, which is made of a cutting knife between the bottle cap and the tamper band. The connecting bridge and the anti-theft ring are connected through the bridge point. When consumers open the bottle cap, the connecting bridge is broken, which cannot be restored, and can also play a role in preventing theft.In this process, the size and spacing of the cutting point of the cutter should be reasonably adjusted, which has a great impact on the opening torque of the bottle cap.

The spacing of tangents is uniform, which should follow the principle of large tangents, large spacing and small number of tangents, and vice versa.In addition to meeting the basic requirements of sealing and opening performance of the bottle cap, it is also necessary to debug the ring cutting process according to the preferences of customers and consumers and select the most suitable conditions for the ring cutting.

In the national inspection standard of 3025 water cap, the standard range of opening torque is 0.6-2.2N.m., but when we actually produce 3025 water cap, the range of opening torque is controlled between 1.00-1.4 N.m.Of course, we will adjust the range reasonably according to the requirements of the customer.


Third, the finished product filling process.

In the filling process, the cap and the mouth of the bottle should cooperate properly. There is no block when the bottle is tightened or loosened, and the sealing is good.Rotate the cap on the bottle mouth of the filled bottle at the set speed according to the torque and top pressure suitable for the lower cap and the open cap. Fasten the cap on the bottle mouth through the joint of the cap and the bottle mouth, and open or cover according to the set torque.This part should prevent the difficulty of opening and locking the bottle cap due to excessive torque force, and reduce the sealing performance of the product due to too little torque force.

Tip: to open the cap properly, it needs technical details and production specifications from the molding and cutting of the cap to the control of filling.

The details determine success or failure.

Through jeepine compression molding technology and perfect detail,

Provide a good plastic cap for the consumer.