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Bottled Water VS Water Purifier, Which Is Healthier? Plastic Cap Moulding China.
Jun 28, 2018

                  Bottled water VS Water Purifier, Which is healthier? Plastic cap moulding China

With the improvement of living standards and health care awareness, water purifiers have gradually become a new trend.According to a report on the development of “ Home appliance online shopping market in the first half of 2017 released by the state grid of China”, retail sales of online water purification equipment in the first half of last year increased by 37.60% year-on-year.

Filter element replace at regular time troublesome


The defect of water purifier

With water filter into countless families about water purifier, which reflects the most is: just got better when water purifiers, but use after period of time, water yield is more and more small, and the taste of water is also very strange.The reason for this is that the water purifier has not been cleaned or replaced for a long time.

Plastic cap moulding China

As the core of water purifier, the quality of filter element determines the filtration effect of water purifier.Every time the water purifier is used for a period of time, it needs regular cleaning, maintenance or replacement of the filter element, so as to play a greater purification effect

Frequent replacement of the filter element also increases the user's cost of use to a certain extent, while the high unit price is also an expense for purchasing RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element with a relatively long service life.


As we know, the function of the filter element is to filter and retain harmful substances.In addition, it is related to water quality in the water purifier use area is, if the water quality is poorer, impurities in the filter element embedded in the deeper, easily blocked filter, and it's not timely replacement filter, purify water can cause secondary pollution.So how can we solve the water purifier pain?

plastic cap moulding

Bottled water,convenient anywhere and anytime 

Make healthy drinking water simple and easy

A person need to 400 milliliter drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep the water balance of the body, and drink enough water every day time and water have a requirement, and then, convenient bottled water safety, capacity, flexible and varied, with take the natural advantages such as the box then one by one.


According to incomplete statistics, the volume of bottled water worldwide in 2016 reached 262.641 billion liters, with an average consumption of 36 liters per person. Among them, the volume of bottled water in China was 42.064 billion liters, with an average consumption of 30 liters per person.From the consumption figures alone, it is not hard to see people's love and dependence on bottled water.


A well-known factory manager with decade experience of plastic cap moulding China said, premium bottle cap production line is enclosing, without manual touch. From raw material, plastic cap moulding, cap slitting, packaging, etc. 

Before capping on bottle, strictly speaking, in most bottled water factory, bottle caps would go through sterilization processing.


External perspective, the current market the most common type of 350 ml, 550 ml, bottled water, 1.6 L capacity satisfy with take out of the box portable function, and can support family drinking, fruit and vegetable cleaning or cooking food, cooking porridge and soup, multipurpose use of water.


But look through the phenomenon essence, what people care more is actually behind the drinking water security.

The popularity of bottled water is not just an undesirability of household water purification, but a safety advantage of bottled water itself.

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