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The Advantage Of Changing Compression Mold
Feb 09, 2018

Compared with Injection mold and compression mold, Mold is most important part, which can be said as “heart” of the cap making machine, The plastic cap machine be running stably for long time is because of good quality raw material and high precision compression moulding. There is no doubt to say that the quality of cap compression mould already decided 80% quality of cap.

As we known, even the good quality of compression mold, there are some problems happened when be the production. Then bottle cap making machine manufacturer need to assemble or disassemble the cap mold when issues happened.And they also need to maintain the compression mold.

Need to change the mold when production line produce difference types of cap.

Therefore, we must consider the difficulty situation of changing mold.

If we can change the cap mold easily, it will increase the production efficiency.

We will introduce the advantage of changing mold compared with compression and injection technology. 

Let us see the injection mold, the following is a 48-cavity bottle cap mold, we can see that the mold is divided into two parts before and after the mold, there is a notable feature is that both front and rear mold, all cavity Is assembled together, that is, if one of the cavity problems, such as mold rubbing, mold leaking, the top of the imbalance, the entire mold must be removed from the machine, it takes at least a day for disassembling the whole mold in order to remove the problem cavity, and then replace the spare mold, it will take a day to assemble a complete set of mold and the mold is installed on the machine and pick up all the water. The whole process is very cumbersome workload, Even overtime to deal with, it is impossible to resume production at least two days.Because the injection mold complex structure, assembly and disassembly tedious, such as accidentally installed a component but failed to find the error, resulting in reassemble and disassemble mold  and the upper and lower mold several times, Toss back and forth, this is not impossible, I believe that people who have done more or less have had this experience.

Let us analyze the compression mold, the following is a 24-cavity capping machine turntable, we can see its remarkable feature is that each mold is independent of each other, do not interfere, see the following figure.

If one of the molds leaks or other abnormalities, we can very easily and easily remove the mold from the machine line, see the figure

As you can see, the compression mold is much simpler than the injection mold. In general, the loading and unloading time of a single mold on the compression molding machine is no more than 10 minutes. Therefore, when dealing with abnormal mold, mold maintenance, The advantages of plastic compression mold better than injection mold. On the other hand, the injection mold is very large and weight is around several tons. The crane must be used to lift the mold. The compression mold needs only manual installation. This is another significant advantage of the compression mold.

After comparing with injection molding and compression molding, I believe we have a very clear idea of mind, if the selection of compression molding process, the future in the production process of mold replacement is very convenient, downtime Will be greatly shortened, the machine operation efficiency increases, and without spending a lot of money to install the crane, saving investment of equipment.