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Two Plastic Cap Molding Installation In Plastic Cap Moulding Factory
Jun 28, 2018

 Two plastic cap molding installation in Plastic Cap Moulding factory 

May, an enthusiastic season, summer comes softly in the northern hemisphere. Bottled water and beverage enterprises also step into the busy season, ushers in the harvest season. Jeepine staff are are also busy delivering and installing machinery to customers who are rushing to bottle caps production.

A well-known beverage packaging material factory in China, has entered the installation stage of two new production lines of compression moulding machine with Jeepine, which will soon be produced and supplied to its water factory customers.

plastic cap molding

Plastic cap molding is the new business of this customer. Before this,they only produced PET bottle preforms and PET blow bottles.The boss took into account the compression caps at the first time, because of CCM high efficiency, high performance and market share of compression cap, so he did not adopt the injection molding machine plan. After some investigation,in view of the brand quality and good reputation of Jeepine, they made a decision to invest in two cap compression machines with Jeepine, and the third one will be put into production next year.


At present, Jeepine engineers have completed the installation and testing in this customer’s plastic cap moulding factory, and the customer was satisfied with the service and attitude of Jeepine. Meanwhile, the after-sales team of Jeepine are on a business trip in China and abroad to install the machines for the customers of plastic cap moulding factory and strive to get them into the production of bottle caps as soon as possible.

Let's appreciate the hard-working Jeepine engineers of production and after-sales, and wish the customers’ business is getting more and more prosperous! 

plastic cap molding

plastic cap molding

The production line includes,continuous compression moulding(CCM), centrifugal unscrambler, cap slitting machine, chillers. Compression moulding machine is in charge of plastic cap molding, unscrambler is used for bottle cap tidying, cap slitting machine or say scoring machine apply to Tamper Evident scoring, chillers supply cooling of moulds and hydraulic.

plastic cap molding

 Jeepine is the leading manufacture engaged in the R&D of premium CCM machine in China. We provides customers continuous compression moulding solution and European CCM parts and service.


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