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Plastic Cap Mould

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Plastic Bottle Cap Mold

Plastic Bottle Cap Mold

Water bottle cap mold Jeepine water bottle cap mold is the most competitive and reliable product cap compression moulding machine,Dedicated to High-efficiency and cost-saving cap compression moulding technology.especially for the bottled water cap compression moulding,beverage cap compression...

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Plastic Bottle Cap Mold

Quick View:

>Name:Compression cap mould/ Plastic Cap Mold.

>Application: 26mm-50mm plastic bottle Caps.

>Material:Sweden and Japanese Mould steel raw material.

>Plastic cap mold model:3025,2925, PCO28 Hot Filled cap mould, Asceptic,CSD cap mould,etc.

>Matched machine:Jeepine and European plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine.

>Service: OEM&ODM platic cap mold.

>Feature:Continuous, high efficiency, easy maintenance, easy assembly.  

>Resin recommend: DMDA 8008,PTT, Samsung C430A, Borouge,etc.

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Why choose our Compression cap mould?

1.High quality

Alloy mould material with high hardness,high thermal conductivity,high wear-resisting and Multi - channel heat treatment process.

2.High Precision

High precision(μ grade) plastic bottle cap mold,small tolerance of cap dimension,high qualification rate.

3.High Speed 

Innovative compression cap mould design and rapid cooling technology, contributing to short cycle time.


Diversified and personalized design,to meet the requirements of various kinds of cap types quickly.

Plastic Cap Mold

Plastic Cap Mold

Pre-sales Service:

1. Analyse and test bottle caps samples;

2. Plastic cap design according to preform neck finishes/samples;

3. Other technical support.

After-sales Service:

1.Timely and effective follow-up;

2.Professional after-sales team,engineer service available overseas;

3.Free spare parts and manpower support within warranty.

4. Lifetime technical maintenance and support.

How to produce high quality Plastic bottle cap?

1. Material Section:

Materials are the basis of making successful high-quality compression bottle caps. Different models of materials with various functions. If not paying attention to materials features,mixed using would affect the quality of final products.


Even though the same model and series, diverse manufacturers are also with different function. Thus, the best way is sampling and select the suitable ones.


Meanwhile, material storage should be prevented from humidity. Wet materials with high percentage of water, bubbles would occur in bottle caps,which is easy to affect caps appearance and sealing function. In addition, to ensure high-quality bottle caps, manufacturer should use new material to make caps but no mixing with recycling materials, especially dirty and waste materials.


In addition, multi-recycling materials would damage plastic bottle cap mold ,and reduce service life. Besides, reheating makes materials in lower performance, then influence bottle caps quality.

2. Equipment Section:

This is an essential part to produce high-quality products. With the development of compression moulding technology, all kinds of Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine manufacturers appear in domestic market. However, some are only choose low cost but not satisfy food-grade standard. Meanwhile, bottle caps are products required high precision, durable plastic cap mould with high accuracy are obviously important.


Jeepine Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine production line achieve intelligent and full automatic production, then realizes high sanitation requirement, this would help bottle caps manufacturers to gain orders from high-level customers.

3.  QC Section:

This is also an important part to product high-quality bottle caps. Nevertheless, final products will tell and win the trust from customers. In a sense,unqualified QC may lead to loss in the game. Therefore, QC plays an essential part in high-quality cap compression moulding and  compression cap mould. On the one hand, training skillful QC staff. On the other hand, advanced on-line inspection system are necessary section,which may greatly guarantees the caps’ quality fully. 

Plastic Cap MoldPlastic Cap Mold

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