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Purified Water Cap Compression Molding

Purified Water Cap Compression Molding

JP-36H, 36 Cavities,60,000 pcs/hour; Purified water cap compression molding, high capacity for purified water factories, unique design, stable structure and energy saving, your best choice for large capacity bottling water production.

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Jeepine, specialized in makingpurified water cap compressionmachines fordomestic and oversea market, he researchesand inventspractical, high efficency compressed plastic bottle cap machine in technology field as his task, that's why heiswinning so manyoffersand will continue to provide economicpricewith highest capacityfor business partners.

Material of the Machine
1)Raw plastic mould steel and BeCu imported from Germany, quick heat conduction and dissipation to make rapid cooling of the caps therefore higher productivity.
2)High precision of mold accessories to make good coordination of each other.
3)Technology adopts nice heat treatment so as to achieve external wearproof and no deformation of internal structure.
4)Special coating process after heat treatment to avoid abrasion and increase the mold life.

Our advantages:

1. Adopting integrated reversing valve

The selector valve inserted in the machine is ourpatent,which, compared with plate-type reversing valve, is of advantages for lager flow,smaller volume,less internal leakage,lower differential pressure and longer lifetime.





Process machine & mold parts:

Purified Water Cap Compression Molding

Purified water cap's sample:

Purified Water Cap Compression Molding

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