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How to recognize and choose plastic bottle cap
Jul 02, 2018

Plastic bottle cap mould

How to recognize and choose plastic bottle cap mould? One of the foremost points is to observe the final bottle caps.

Plastic bottle cap general knowledge:

1. Specification:

1) Internal dimension:(± 0.15mm), thread inner diameter,inner-plug outer diameter, top thickness;  

2) External Dimension (± 0.30mm): Cap Outer diameter,Cap height;

3) Others: Weight (± 0.1g).

 compression cap mould

2. Appearance:

1) Surface: Complete shape. Without starving, injury, flare, and out of shape.

2) Color: meet the tolerance of sample, even color.

3) Sealing: Without injury, distortion.

4) Lateral seal/ top seal: No bubble or injury.

5) Thread: Not less than thread inner diameter lower limit.

6) Cap slitting: No breakpoints, conglutination orstarving. 

7) Injection gate: Nocracks, holes, injection gate residue, or sink marks.

8) Pollution: No oil marks, dirt, stains, etc.

9) Printing: Clear pattern, no printing lack or other defects, meet the tolerance of ink and pattern requirement, off-center tolerance value ± 0.3mm.

 compression cap mould

                             Injection cap                                                                       Compression Cap

3. Physical Property:

1) Thermostability: No broken, distortion, and leakage.

2) Low temperature resistance: No distortion and leakage.

3) Drop performance: No broken, no leakage.


4. Peculiar smell: No abnormal smell. 


5. Tamper Evident( TE) physical performance:

1) Capping: No distortion and break of TE, after capping.

2) Anti-theft:With evidence after cap open.

3) Open torque (lbf. in): TE broken torque (lbf. in)

Hot filling cap(Compression cap) :13~18, 5~9.

Hot filling(injection cap):15~18, 5~9.

Aseptic bottle cap :10~16, 8~12.

Water cap: 6~14. 5~9.

 compression cap mould

Comparison between bottle cap injection machine and cap compression molding machine:


Bottle cap injection machine

Cap compression machine

Mould cavity Number




Apply to complicated caps

Apply to simple caps.

High capacity each cavity

Diversified caps

Convenient maintenance

Cap slitting inside moulding

No hot runner resin waste

Variety of cavity Number

High intelligence,safe

Hot runner system



Mould changeover


Manual and tools

Plastic bottle cap mouldCap compression machine

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